Terms of Sale

By purchasing this system "Certified Social Leads Consultant" from Mojo Global you agree to the following terms:
Product Deliverables:
1. Fast Action Mega-Bonus #1: Super Boost

 More connections powers up your profile. 
(Value: $1,000)

2. Fast Action Mega-Bonus #2: Instant Authority Pack

Copy/paste profile summary
Professional profile cover
Eye-popping infographics
(Value: $997)

3. Fast Action Mega-Bonus #3: Social Leads Promoter Pack

Proven landing page
High converting video
Professionally designed flyer
Time-tested pitch deck
Battle-tested transcript of our sales calls
(Value: $2,000)

4. Fast Action Mega-Bonus #4: Foot in the Door Bonus

(15 minute timer) (Value: $5,200)

5. Fast Action Mega-Bonus #5: LinkedIn Software

Automate ALL your LinkedIn prospecting
(Value: $2,364)

Billing Terms
Payments made to Mojo Global are processed by credit card. I agree to the fees set forth on the order page, specifically one payment of $497 today or 2 payments of $279, spaced 30 days apart as well as a monthly fee of $49/month after 90 days. I may also choose to make additional purchases at this time using the same billing information provided. I agree that all charges as made with my knowledge, permission, and consent.
Return Policy
NOTE: Due to the nature of this product, being digital files easily copied and stored, we do not offer any refund period, guarantee or trial for this product. We have invested large sums of time and resources to make sure our clients software and back office is available and ready to use. Once you download the Social Lead Storm software we have no way to restrict your access to our intellectual property and trade secrets in the event you decide to request a refund. So please do not buy this product just to "check it out". We have gone to great lengths to display and demonstrate the quality of the product on the webinar, in order to make you more comfortable to purchase with no refund offered. If you have further questions prior to purchase, please email our support team at support@mojoglobal.com
To contact Mojo Global support, email support@mojoglobal.com
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